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November 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Written by: Maura Phares

This coming May officially marks my entrance into the real world.  No longer will my days revolve around classes and exams, but rather meetings and paperwork.  No longer will I stop in the dining hall for a slice of pizza with friends, but rather the café down the street on my lunch break.  In a few short months, my life and the lives of thousands of collegiates eager for jobs in the public relations industry will be completely different.  So, what can employers expect from us, and what can we expect from employers?


What Employers Can Expect:  Potential employers should keep in mind the following tips when hiring young PR pros:

    • Graduates are ready to work hard and do whatever it takes to succeed.  Some employers are concerned they will enter the work world expecting a promotion right away.  However, being so accustomed to hearing bad economic news means young professionals do not take any job or opportunity for granted.
    • They want to be challenged.  Graduates seek ways to be involved and take their own initiative.  Exceeding their own goals not only helps them succeed, but their employer as well.
    • Young professionals eat, sleep and breathe social media.  Not only are they well-versed in it, they grew up with it.  Employers should keep in mind that these skills benefit the company both now and in the future as they use social media and other new technologies to build better client relationships. 

What Graduates Can Expect: These tips can help recent graduates understand what employers are looking for and land them their first job:

  • While the PR industry is experiencing job opportunities, it has not been completely immune to the recession.  Graduates should be open to internships and part-time jobs, which may lead to full-time positions.  This opportunity allows them to showcase their skills and immerse themselves in the company right away.
  • While employers are looking for young professionals with some type of college degree, it does not necessarily have to be in PR.  Instead, employers are interested in who they are as young professionals, their skills and how those skills can benefit their company.
  • Employers are going to scrutinize graduates’ writing ability.  They are concerned that recent technology has negatively impacted young people’s ability to write well.  This deters their desire to hire even if a potential employee has an impressive resumé.  

While the future never may be completely clear, there are specific aspects both employers and employees can expect from the other to aid the uncertainty.  However, this still does not fully alleviate my graduation anxiety!  No longer a student, I will be a real adult and ready or not, I must make my entrance into the real world.  At least I know I won’t be alone.


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