Behind the Scenes at the Cedarburg Winter Festival Bed Races!

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On February 4, the Vollrath Associates team dared to go where no other public relations agency has gone before…

The Cedarburg Annual Winter Festival Bed Races!

Since nearly half the team is from Cedarburg, we figured the town’s winter festival would be a great way to get out of the office and have some fun—and a few laughs. From decorating the bed, to dressing up as Snow White & The Dwarfettes, to walking in the parade and of course, the races, it was quite the eventful day. Luckily for you, we’re brave enough willing to share pictures and our step-by-step secrets for surviving the race success. Who knows, after reading this, maybe you’ll be inspired to put a team together for next year’s races! 

Step 1: Decide on the perfect theme

This year’s festival theme was the Grimm Fairy Tales and we agreed that Snow White and the Dwarfettes would be the best way to incorporate all members of our team. Plus, Phil has been looking for an excuse to be a poisonous apple…

Top L to R: Marilyn, The Evil Queen; Phil, the poisonous apple; Jessica, Snow White and Casey M., Prince Charming. Bottom L to R: Dwarfettes: Casey S., Bashful; Julie, Dopey and Liz, Happy.

Step 2: Tell your friends!

Since we are a public relations firm it’s in our second nature to promote events, even our own! Two weeks before the festival, we created a Mail Chimp e-invite that our contacts were able to engage with using Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, as well as share with their friends. We also promoted the event using our Facebook page and the Twitter hashtag #VABedRaces.

In the days leading up to the festival, and on the event day itself, we tracked our excitement using #VABedRaces. The simple hashtag let our friends and Twitter followers know what the team was up to.

After the races we created a fun YouTube video recapping the weekend, which you can view here!

Step 3: Decorate the bed

Thanks to our creative friends at Hare Strigenz, along with our “stylist” Marian, the bed decorations came together in a flash. To transform our bed into Snow White’s bed, we used custom headboards, a hand-painted quilt, lots of ribbons and other glitzy touches.

Tip: The beds that looked the best didn’t make it very far in the races. If you’re going for the best costume award, go all out with decorations, but if you want to win the race, less is more. Just ask the Boy Scouts (this year’s winners who raced in a go-cart)!

Our bed pre-race. Everyone pitched in to decorate!

Step 4: Practice

The bed races are usually held on ice, but because of this “winter’s” unseasonably warm temperatures, the team didn’t end up racing on skates…we’re thinking that may have been for the best. Our practice involved running up and down the driveway with a bed on wheels the day of as Snow White (aka Jessica) held on for dear life. To be eligible for the race, your team needs four runners (or skaters) and one passenger.

Suggested practice fuel: Bloody Marys

Step 5: The Parade

Smile and have fun! Everyone on the VA team channeled their inner Kate Middleton as we waved to the crowds along the streets. The kids especially loved Snow White and her Prince Charming.

Tip: The parade is the place to win over fans for the bed races to follow. If you’re into bribery, give out good candy (not spoiled apples).

Snow White & The Dwarfettes in the parade.

Step 6: The Bed Races

After lacing up our gym shoes to win our first heat, we lost our second in a close race that came down to the finish line. The team, led by Prince Charming and Happy in the front, ran as fast as our legs could carry us but, in the end, it just wasn’t enough.

While we wish we could say we won the races, we can’t. However, we can say that we tried our hardest.

Casey goes head-to-head with our competitor in the final heat!

Step 7: Relax!

Hash out the X’s and O’s over your beverage of choice at the nearest pub/grill. Cedarburg is home to plenty of cozy establishments perfect for warming up after a long day outside.

What has your team done recently for fun? Do you think out-of-office bonding contributes to better in-office relationships?


Welcome Spring Public Relations Interns!

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Hello clients and friends of Vollrath Associates! I am thrilled to be working with the VA PR firm this spring for the first time. I cannot wait to spend the semester gaining first-hand experience in public relations. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn from all the wonderful people at Vollrath Associates! Image

Meredith Augspurger

Hello again clients and friends of Vollrath Associates! This is my third semester working for VA as a public relations intern. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work on a number of exciting projects over the past two years. I am eager to continue learning more about public relations, investor relations and new media as I grow into a young PR practitioner.  Image

Julie Caan

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