An Inside Look at the Vollrath Associates PR Approach

April 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Written By: Casey Schaak

When it comes to public relations, a reliable and successful process can go a long way. A good process helps us serve our clients to the best of our abilities while meeting their PR needs. Our approach combines our strengths and expertise into organized steps, allowing us to effectively tackle any project, from investor relations and public relations, to social media and marketing communications.

Our VA team not only brings years of experience and an array of individual talents to our clients, but an effective PR approach that works. Our four-step process starts with an initial evaluation, dives into planning and execution and wraps up with a review. Here’s an inside look at how our approach remains successful:

The Vollrath Approach

1.    EvaluateImage

Before we get too far, we first need to understand the ins and outs of our client’s current and past programs. We begin our process with evaluating communications programs and messaging. Through effective communication and audit research, we assess the brand messaging and define potential opportunities.

2.    Plan

After we have done our homework, we establish goals, objectives and target audiences. We find the right fit to successfully tell our client’s story and set realistic goals that will result in a measurable return on investment.

3.    Activate

Once we agree on a plan, we put it in motion and refine the details as needed. This is the point in the process when we use our expertise and proven abilities to tell the right story that resonates with the right audiences.

4.    Review

Now that our plan has been put into action, we monitor and evaluate the results. We measure the outcome against the goals and objectives to determine the next steps for ongoing, consistent communication.

While these four steps certainly don’t encompass every element of a PR plan and the work that goes into it, they give a condensed overview of our approach. The VA approach is built around our continuous commitment to helping our clients. We use our resources, experience and knowledge to build a plan that’s tailored to fit the needs and goals of our clients, and adjust as needed along the way. This is how we help our clients tell their story!

Learn more about The Vollrath Approach and check out the Vollrath Services.


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