Summer 2013: Unplugged

June 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

By Sarah McClanahan, Intern


It’s June and Milwaukee is finally heating up! Hopefully, we are past the random cold days and spontaneous thunderstorms and we can begin to enjoy our beautiful city. At VA, we love being outdoors! To experience summer to the fullest, we created this 2013 Summer Bucket List:





1. Jazz in the Park. The stage in Cathedral Square waiting for the performers and the crowd.

2. Milwaukee Air & Water Show. Phil and Julie last summer at the Air Show.

3. Lunch in Cathedral Square. Looking East over Cathedral Square, almost right from our office door!

4. Bastille Days. Casey, Phil, Jessica and Julie at Bastille Days.

5. Golfing. Marilyn loves golfing. She even has her own team, “Nine and Wine.”

6. Boating. After a long day on the lake, Phil walks the boat in.

7. Festa Italiana. Jessica, Casey and Julie playing bocce at Festa 2012.


Other things on our list include trips to Door Country, soaking up the sun at Bradford Beach, attending outdoor concerts, getting popcorn at Koepsell’s Popcorn Stand (Phil!), dining on the patio at our favorite restaurants and much more!


However, we quickly realized that to make the most of this summer and these events, we need to leave behind the one thing we all cling to the most: our technology. Phones. Tablets. Laptops. Forget ‘em! Outside of the office, we are challenging ourselves to spend as much time unplugged as possible.


Think about the last time you went a day without technology. Do you think you could go a day without your smartphone? A week? As we look forward to our summer activities, we plan on staying engaged in the present by putting away our smartphones– at least for the evening. While this may be challenging at first, the more time you spend unplugged, the easier it will become. By putting down the phone, you may not be able to post a status on Facebook or check-in on FourSquare, but you will definitely have more memories of actually spending time with those you are with.


If you need more incentive to stay unplugged for the summer, check out these five fast facts about the health benefits of leaving the phone at home:


1. Sunshine boosts the ‘happy’ hormone serotonin which lifts your mood.

2. Spending quality face-to-face time with friends and family strengthens relationships.

3. Listening to water washing in on the shore alters the wave patterns in your brain, much like meditation.

4. Sitting on the beach encourages contemplation and reflection.

5. A walk in nature improves your memory, enhances your immune system and boosts your mood.


So are you up for the challenge? Will you join us on our quest to pass the zero-technology test? Put down the phone and take on our Summer 2013 Unplugged Challenge! Let us know how it’s going via Twitter, Facebook or commenting below!


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