Our areas of speciality

Vollrath Associates specializes in:

Investor Relations: Vollrath Associates assists public companies in achieving their investor relations objectives through a well-planned and coordinated approach. The benefits of an effective financial and investor relations program are many, including: developing shareholder loyalty, building a following among analysts and brokers, increasing the stock price and trading volume, and decreasing volatility.

Public Relations: We help our clients effectively communicate their story, every day, to customers, employees, shareholders and communities. With over 25 years of experience, we know the power of public relations and how to effectively translate it into success for companies of all sizes.

Marketing Communications: We can help you position and market your company in a variety of creative and unique ways including corporate identity and corporate branding programs as well as web-site creation, brochures, newsletters and e-mail and direct marketing campaigns. 

Social Media: In today’s changing public relations industry, reporters and editors are now looking online for the information they need or for story ideas, instead of waiting for a press release to come their way.  Vollrath Associates can help you develop a social media policy and plan, and execute that plan to your targeted audiences to deliver effective results.

EcoVAntage: Vollrath Associates’ EcoVAntage team works with companies that offer innovative cleantech and environmental products and services and with companies that are taking the initiative to make their current operations as green as possible. We can help your organization share the “greener side” of your story in strategic ways to position your business in today’s new environment.


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